Fuji HiRENFIX I is an industrial X-Ray film fixer for manual processors. FUJIFILM HiRENFIX I Fixer is high dilution source chemical designed for the processing of Industrial X-Ray Film in manual processors.

To make 5 litres of Fixer:
1) Pour 3.3 litres of water into the appropriate vessel.
2) Add 1 bottle of HiRENFIX to water at 20 degree Celsius and stir thoroughly to obtain a uniform solution.

Recommended processing time is 5 to 10 minutes at 20 degree Celsius.
The 5 litres solution has a processing capacity of 100 sheets (24x30cm size film).

Note: After development, the use of Stop Bath (3% acetic acid solution) is recommended.
It reduces the exhaustion of fixer and prevents fixing faults.