Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

Eddy Current System

Zetec Handheld MIZ-21B

MIZ®-21B handheld eddy current tester is the most powerful handheld tester on the market for testing cracks, heat damage and corrosion. The MIZ-21B incorporates dual-frequency and digital conductivity testing with nonconductive coating thickness measurement.

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Zetec Portable MIZ-200

MIZ-200 is a fully portable, battery operated, remote data acquisition eddy current instrument delivering significant benefits including an industry leading signal to noise ratio to improve probability of detection in industrial environments. Designed with operator ease of use in mind, the MIZ-200 automatically recognizes the probe type connected to it and configures its internal multiplexor accordingly.

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Zetec Standalone MIZ-85iD

The MIZ-85iD leverages the architecture of our industry-leading MIZ-80iD eddy current instrument into a modular, instrument-only system. It’s a small, rugged and lightweight unit that can be utilized in a variety of inspection environments. All configurations of the MIZ-85iD are completely sealed to provide protection from environmental and radiological contamination.

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Zetec Integrated MIZ-80iD Probe Pusher and Instrument

The MIZ-80iD is an all-in-one integrated eddy current instrument, probe pusher, and control system that has transformed the way eddy current data is obtained. This break-through in technology allows for highly efficient and cost effective inspections of your steam generator and condenser tubing in nuclear and conventional power plants.

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Eddy Current Probes & Accessories

Zetec Tubing Array Probes

Zetec is the leader in array coil technology. Our patent on reusing transmit and receive coils allows us to create a better coverage per coil density than anyone else in the industry. So when you use our probes for your inspections, you’ll gather all of the necessary data in “one pass” through the tube, resulting in a cost savings on the procedure.

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Zetec Handheld Probes

Zetec have the experience executing effective inspections with the handheld probes than anyone in the industry. Zetec bring extensive field knowledge of how best to use pancake, plus point or cross point coils. The handheld surface inspection probes can be used for a variety of applications. With the selection of interchangeable probe tips and handle.

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Zetec Rotating Probes

Zetec have created and developed thousands of probe designs successful at identifying and characterizing flaws across a range of applications. In addition to providing you with the rotating probe technology for your inspection solutions, Zetec have track a record of providing support to their clients due to unforeseen issues that have arisen during the inspection process.

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Zetec Calibration Standards

Large lists of tubing or plate ASME standards are available. Zetec can develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Zetec can support ASME Calibration Standards provide an effective means to ensure your probes and equipment are functioning properly.

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Software Solutions

Zetec Software Solutions

Zetec solutions eliminate the time and risks associated with the development, selection, and integration of individual NDT components into the inspection process. In addition to complete custom solutions, we offer an array of defined solutions that are ready to be integrated into your NDT environment.

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