Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses ultrasonic waves to conduct examinations for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization, and thickness measurement.

Flaw Detector

Sonatest Sitescan D50 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Sitescan D-50 offers the end user an entry level broadband flaw detector in the popular and portable casing of the established D-series; with a full VGA display, a 50nS (Spike) 200V, a Pulser 0.5dB gain resolution and an optional rubber boot.

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Sonatest Masterscan D70 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Masterscan D-70 is a leading flaw detector in it's class. This instrument offers the inspector a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspection across all applications. Capabilities include encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness logging and Dryscan capability in a portable enclosure.

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Phased Array & TOFD

Sonatest Veo+ Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The VEO+ is constructed to exacting standards using a rigid, shock mounted, internal chassis surrounded by an impact absorbing enclosure and sealed to IP65. Based on a superior and innovative digital technology, four available PA configurations (16:64PR, 32:64PR, 16:128PR or 32:128PR)

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Sonatest WheelProbe 2

WheelProbe 2 is proving to be unrivalled in the field of composite inspection and corrosion monitoring in terms of speed and ease of use, in addition to achieving excellent results. Typical applications include Corrosion Mapping, Marine Inspection, Aerospace Fuselage, Aerospace Large Area scanning and Automotive testing.

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TD Focus-Scan

Designed and manufactured by Technology Design to the most exacting international standards, the system is designed to seamlessly perform multi-channel Phased Array, Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (ToFD), Pulse Echo, Corrosion Mapping and ASME compliant Girth/Seam weld examinations in every area of engineering endeavor.

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TD Handy-ScanRx

The TD Handy-ScanRX is our new hand held multi-function advanced ultrasonic system.The TD Handy-ScanRX was an inexpensive ultrasonic system that delivers Phased Array, ToFD and Pulse Echo, Corrosion Mapping and Weld Zone Discrimination in a single integrated portable package.

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TD PS-45 Pocket-Scan

The PS45 is a natural progression of our hugely successful TD Pocket-Scan from the PCMCIA communication mechanism to Ethernet. The Ethernet connection simplifies the link between laptop and Pocket-Scan and eliminates the need for a PCMCIA type II card slot. The Ethernet system requires minimal initial setup with no special drivers and will communicate with any Ethernet enabled PC.

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TD Pocket-Amp

Multi-Function Ultrasonic Inspection Systems. The battery powered multi-channel UT pre-amplifier is a compact, pocket sized, 4 channel unit achieving in excess of 70 hours of continuous use on a 9v (1 x PP3) battery.

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TD Scan Software

Easy to use Windows® based software provides a fully integrated TOFD, Pulse Echo and Phased Array capability in our tough, feature rich portable ultrasonic acquisition units.

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Multiple Magnetic Scanner

Phoenix Magman 4th Generation Manual Weld Scanner

The highly versatile MagMan now features fourth generation upgrades to make this manual weld inspection scanner even easier to use in the field. MagMan can hold twelve probes, so is ideal for inspections requiring a combination of phased array and one or more TOFD pairs or multiple UT probes and can be configured to inspect pipe welds from 2” OD circumferential and 9” OD longitudinal up to flat on ferromagnetic material.

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Phoenix Magscan Scanner

The MagScan: a magnetic dual axis motorised scanner, is the ideal tool for corrosion mapping. The dual axis function allows for inspections such as raster scanning and for testing pipe to elbow welds, and any flat or curved surfaces.

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Phoenix Multimag Scanner

The MultiMag is a compact scanner suitable for circumferential weld testing of steel pipes. It features magnetic wheels that can be repositioned along the scanner frame, can hold up to four transducers (phased array, TOFD, single element), and incorporates compliance in the wheels to assist when inspecting misaligned welds.

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Phoenix TOFD Caliper

The TOFD Caliper is a simple, pocket-sized scanner for TOFD inspection of welds of any material. It holds a single pair of transducers, an encoder and enables the separation to be quickly adjusted using a single thumb screw.

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Phoenix Bracelet Scanner

The Bracelet is an extremely low profile scanner suitable for phased array weld inspection of small bore pipes of any material. It is only 13mm in height and is available in single transducer or dual transducer configurations. This lightweight and low-profile scanner is extremely simple to set up and use for weld testing on pipe sizes from 0.5” to 4”.

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Phoenix R-Evolution Ultrasonic Roller Probe

R-Evolution is an ultrasonic array probe housed in a lightweight water-filled roller, delivering fast immersion quality C-scan inspections in the palm of your hand. Designed to minimise operator fatigue, it is small and light making it ideal for use on large areas and particularly overhead inspections.

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Thickness Gauges

DAKOTA MX-3 Thickness Gauge

With the hand held MX-3 Ultrasonic micrometer, you can make reliable measurements or scan a length of material for the thinnest point. The tool’s backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of batteries. The MX-3 comes complete, ready to use and is protected by Dakota Ultrasonics 5 year limited warranty.

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DAKOTA MMX-6 Thickness Gauge

The MMX-6 is a simple to use hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to measure through paint and coatings and eliminate the thickness of the paint or coating. The MMX-6 uses a dual element style transducer. With the single press of a button, the MMX-6 can be switched between pit or flaw mode ( pulse-echo), and through paint/coatings mode (echo-echo) for maximum inspection efficiency. The MMX-6 comes as a complete kit, ready to use, and is backed by Dakota Ultrasonics 5 year limited warranty.

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DAKOTA CMX DL+ Thickness Gauge

The CMX DL+ has all features of the MX & MMX gauges with a ton of advanced features. Measure material and coating thickness simultaneously, while still detecting pits & flaws in a single mode (PECT). It also has a full featured A-Scan presentation with RF and Rectified viewing options.

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