FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals is a diversified developer and manufacturer of a wide range of sophisticated chemical products and complex manufacturing processes, serving many industries with strategically based state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in vital markets worldwide.

XD-25 Developer is a single all-liquid concentrate designed for processing a wide range of radical X-ray emulsions under normal manual processing conditions. XF-25 Fixer is recommended as the companion product.

Developers for Manual and Automated Processing:

Manual Processing A single manual Developer formulated for today high demand manually film processing. With the economical usage, FUJI XD-25 is capable of processing large quantity of X-ray films.

Automatic Processing A superior high contrast developer designed specifically for industrial automatic processing. This developer is becoming world famous to keep a running processor clean always. Capable of processing large quantities of industrial X-ray film. Pratt & Whitney approved.

Fixers for Manual and Automated Processing:

Manual / Automated Processing Designed specifically for Automatic and Manual fixing of Industrial X-ray film. This two parts liquid concentrate is formulated for optimum results.