Fujilm DynamIx™ FXR Digital Radiography System

The DynamIx FXR system provides 100 μm pixel pitch capable of energy levels up to 15MeV and the large active area of 16” x 16”. It improves productivity significantly for high volume inspections with exceptional image quality powered by FUJIFILM image processing technology.

With the DynamIx VU software, we have adopted Exposure Data Recognizer (EDR) to automatically adjust the density and our proprietary image processing technology Fuji Image Processing (FIP). With these technologies, it is possible to provide optimized images of any test object. Moreover, users can customize parameter presets for image processing. Anyone can easily perform image adjustment suitable for the test object.

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Key Features

  • High resolution with 100 μm pixel size.
  • High productivity using 16” X 16“ active area.
  • Up to 15 MeV energy range.
  • Amorphous Silicon panel.
  • 16 bits analog-digital conversion.
  • 3.75 FPS.
  • High image quality powered by FUJIFILM image processing technology
  • Common software platform DynamIx VU, same software with DynamIx HR2 Computer Radiography.
  • Alternative to high speed film.
  • Alternative to mass inspection by putting many objects on the large size film.