Fujifilm DynamIx™ HR2 Computer Radiography System

The DynamIx Series HR2 Computer Radiography System is the world's top class high spatial and density resolution and excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) produce superb image quality. Fusion of Fujifilm's advanced technologies used in image reader, software and IP realizes images of the finest quality possible expected in digital imaging.

Unique image processing and wide dynamic range bringing high accuracy to every inspection. Excellent accuracy is the FCR standard with our automatic contrast optimization for each image and wide dynamic range which incorporates the trusted FCR technology.

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Key Features

  • IP insertion by hand.
  • Reading density - 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 200μm.
  • Reading gray scale 14 bits/pixel.
  • The Special Cut IP System offering IPs tailored to test objects.
  • DynamIx VU Thickness measurement —the automatic measurement tool making corrosion tests easier.
  • Computerized contrast/density normalization according to the ASTM standard.
  • Long IPs enabling efficient exposure of welded pipe joints.
  • Density parameter presets for more efficient image adjustment.
  • Quick data search with preset conditions
  • More reliable assessment and greater traceability
  • One click between modes
  • Simple work status management and data search with the entire test procedure visualized
  • Easy to view images displayed on the ergonomic monitor
  • Flexible network configuration and communication to create an optimum workflow environment
  • Strengthened security with user authority control