KyungDO Enterprise Ltd. has over 20 years since its foundation in 1987 in charge of the production and supply of non-destructive testing equipment. KyungDo have various types of portable magnetic particle detectors developed depending on type, size and pattern of the object to be tested and detected flaw. By maximizing efficiency of workability with the ultra compact and ultra light-weight type through continuous R&D of the magnetic particle detector, the excellent performance of the products is recognized from customers all over the world as well as in Korea.

KyungDo BD-70 is a UV illuminations light which used to detect the flaw of the objects being tested by light emission feature of fluorescent substance.

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Key Features

  • Light weight and portable equipment, designed conveniently to move and use.
  • Handle are manufactured with strong plastic material and high heat resistant.
  • Used to detect partial flaw by using spot type of lamp.
  • Workable even under natural light below 200Lux because it emits high strength UV light.
  • It emits UV ray with high brightness via TRANS-method (6,500 µW/cm2)
  • Excellent durability and light weight even with complete assembly.
  • A work lamp adhered enables to improve work efficiency.