The smooth and large beam of this portable UV inspection light makes the BigBeam a useful tool for any inspection, either on the field or on a bench. BigBeam is widely used by manufacturers of stationary MPI benches. Each unit consists of 9 ultraviolet LEDs. Each LED’s life is estimated at 30,000 hours.

Bigbeam Helios
Labino Helios LED is the latest generation LED offered by Labino. If your objective is to maximize intensity, this is it. BigBeam Helios provides up to 60% higher intensity on the floodlight and 40% higher intensity on the midlight. The only difference between a BigBeam and a BigBeam Helios is intensity. All other specifications are the same.

Bigbeam Aerospace RRES 90061
Labino BigBeam Aerospace RRES 90061 is especially designed to meet the manufacturer’s requirement from Rolls Royce. The differences between BigBeam Aerospace RRES 90061 and the regular BigBeam models are:

A. Intensity approximately 4 000 μW/cm
B. Extremely homogenous light beam
C. Supplied with test report according to RRES 90061

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Key Features

  • In all BigBeam models the start function provides full power instantly.
  • This product is IP65 approved for dust and water jet.
  • BigBeam is 100% free from UV-B and each unit is equipped with a white light block filter which helps the lamp emit almost no visible light.
  • Each unit is available with a certificate of compliance for ASTM E3022-2015 or RRES 90061 or both, depending on your choice of model.
  • Flexible length: Cable for mains is equipped with connectors for easy replacement and flexible length.
  • For DUO model - operates while charging batteries: The equipment can operate like mains while charging the batteries.