The Labino UVG2 is a small-sized, lightweight, UV-A LED torch designed for quick inspections in “hard-to-reach” spots. The Labino UVG3 is the same torch equipped with a unique filter for applications where the amount of visible light is critical. The UVG3 Midlight and UVG3 Floodlight are in compliance with ASTM E3022-15.

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Key Features

  • UVG Torches and Headlights reach full power instantly. The on/off button is positioned at the back of the torch. Same applies for the headlights; the on/off button is positioned on the battery box at the back. Location of on/off button aims to prevent accidental activation.
  • The length of the torch is 15.9 cm (6.3 inches) and weighs 211 grams (7.4 oz), including battery. Each headlight weights 271 grams (9.4 oz), including battery.
  • Each UVG light contains one ultraviolet LED that peaks at 365 nm. The life of each LED is estimated at 30,000 hours.
  • Same batteries can be used for both torches and headlights. Each battery has a running time of 4.5 hours (+/- 5%) and can be recharged from a normal outlet or vehicle via a cigarette lighter connection. Each light comes with an extra battery.
  • All UVG lights are equipped with a current regulator that keeps the UV intensity constant even when the battery fades.
  • Certifications: IP65 approved for dust and temporary water jet.