Projector Accessories - Control Unit ; Source Guide tube

The Sentinel™ Extreme Control assembly is designed to use with Sentinel™ 880 series gamma projector. It comprised of the hand crank and gear box, a pair of control housings, a drive cable, safety connector and outer sheath of flexible cable in yellow and black cover.

The Handle grip consists of a light weight housing and hand crank to propel the source to the exposure position and back.

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Key Features

  • Available in 23, 35, and 50ft.
  • Light weight polyurethane ergonomic handle design
  • Water resistant handle assembly preventing ingress of water, dirt and sand
  • Control housings are constructed of light weight, non-metallic 3-ply material twin together for maximum dent resistance.
  • Yellow and Black housing for high visibility during night operation
  • Large gear ratio providing one foot of travel per revolution (ALARA)
  • Commercial grade sealed ball bearing
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel end fittings
  • Extreme temperature operation from -40C to 100C.

Source Guide Tube

Source Guide tubes are flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering and are available to fit all SENTINELTM projector units.

It is designed to transfer to the source holder from the output of gamma projector to the end stopper at certain length.

The extreme condition source guide tube is designed for use in extreme weather conditions. It has a temperature range of -60o to 135o C (-76o to 275o F).

Radishield Guide Tube Shield

The Radishield Radiation Protection System is a patented totally encapsulated shielding system. Its unique formulation gives flexible shielding in inaccessible and restricted applications where traditional methods of shielding are difficult to provide. Available in flat sheets of special sizes and guide tube shields of standard and custom lengths, Radishield provides the necessary protection for any NDT company.

Specification :

  • .130 in (3.3 mm) Tungsten
  • Stainless Steel braided for on-site durability
  • Fits over source guide tube
  • High flexibility
  • Low on-site installation time
  • Custom sizes available
  • Impermeable to water, dirt and other contaminates
  • Easy to clean