RIGAKU offers a powerful lineup of microcomputerized industrial X-ray systems for NDT inspections. What is indispensable for heavy-duty radiographic operation in the field are excellent operational productivity and durability. The Radioflex RF-EGM2 exactly meets these needs.

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Key Features

  • The X-ray generator employs a ceramic X-ray tube featuring high reliability proven by the past records.
  • Instant calling out radiographic condition with the simplified memory, which is a standard exposure chard is self obtained to allow a radiographic to be done at the touch of button. A corrective function is provided for the standard exposure condition decided by user can be store at 100 conditions max in order to deliver the optimum performance of radiography at any time.
  • Easy-to-handle, reliable radiography –An automatic aging function is designed into this new series to enable the required aging time set up automatically. This automatic control will prevent improper operation in the event of over load or insufficient aging time. The tube voltage now can be adjusted in 2KV steps, it help the radiography operation to perform more precisely.
  • ECO mode is new technique implemented into the tube current operation to reduce electronic power consumption by 30%. Thanks to eco mode, the radiography job can be done even with limited power supply.

Specification :