The SENTINEL™ FXG DR Panel System, along with MultiVision HD software is designed to be used with x-ray and high energy gamma-ray isotopes. The all-in-one package is portable, user friendly and com- pact. The system can be used to perform radiography at the inspection site with immediate results. Your image is acquired and stored instantly.

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Key Features

  • a-Si flat panel with PIN diode (made in Samsung )
  • Imaging area 325 x 264mm
  • Wide energy range 50Kv – 1.3MeV ( including IR-192 , SE-75, CO-60 sources )
  • Durable with life time 2000Gy
  • Dimension 337 x 395 x 18mm; Light-weight at 3.4kg
  • Compatible with MultiVision HD software
  • A/D conversion at 14bits @ 16384 greyscales.
  • High Speed Acquisition time at 3sec with Cycle time 10sec
  • Resolution at 3.94 lp/mm
  • Pixel Pitch 2080 x 2560 pixels
  • Pixel pitch 127um
  • IP64 rated
  • Drop test at max 70cm.