The Sentinel™ produces a complete range of radiography sources ( Irridium-192, Selenium-75, Cobalt-60, Ytterbium-169 ) as well as sources holders that are fully compatible with all leading makes of projector.

The Sentinel™ range of double encapsulated special form sealed source assemblies caters to most industrial applications using gamma radiography.

A choice of isotopes provides solutions for the widely varying requirements demanded by different materials and site conditions. Sources with outputs ranging from less than one curie up to several hundred are available; all precision constructed to ensure the highest possible specific activities and the smallest focal spot sizes.


Iridium-192 sources are constructed using iridium metal discs or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule.


Selenium-75 sources are available in cylindrical and quasi-spherical focals, permitting shorter SFDs and greater sensitivity on fixed geometries.


Cobalt-60 sources are constructed using compression fused cobalt metal pellets confined within welded titanium and stainless steel capsules.


Ytterbium-169 sources are available in spherical and right circular cylinder focals, housed in a welded titanium alloy capsule.