SENTINEL Pipeline Girth Weld Scanner (GW-4)

The SENTINEL GW-4 is an automated digital X-ray scanner for inspecting pipeline or vessel weldments during new construction with live result on desktop.

Using the latest CMOS X-ray imaging technology, the GW-4 scanner can complete a 3 inch wide, high resolution scan of a 24 inch pipeline in one to two minutes depending on pipe wall thickness. On larger pipe, two or three scanners are run simultaneously.

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The system is sturdy, compact, lightweight and easily deployed on the pipeline by one person. Using a unique magnet drive system, the GW-4 can be mounted to the pipeline, ready to scan, in 30 seconds.

The GW-4′s integrated controller handles the scanning tasks, while the operator’s portable workstation captures the inspection, allowing instant analysis and digital storage of the inspected weld.

Key Features

  • Suitable for steel pipe size from size 12″ and larger.
  • High image resolution at 80 microns (.003″)
  • Instant result with LIVE scrolling on desktop.
  • Sensitivity from 2-2T or better
  • X-ray requirements :Constant potential X-ray from 20Kv to 450Kv
  • Scan speed up to 1.6 seconds per inch , depending on resolution requirements and material thickness
  • image file size at 150KB/, i.e 4 Mbytes for 3″ wide scan of 12″ length.
  • Workstation 3.0 GHz industrial PC or rack-mount workstation, 2 GB RAM, dual redundant 250 GB hard drives, CD-RW, DVD-R, 24″ TFT LCD 1280×1024 400 NITS Flat panel display
  • Powerful software package including x-ray image acquisition/ enhancement/ measurement, scan manipulation, and image storage/ export. Real-time image scrolling feature
  • Power with 110-220 volts, 50-60 Hz, 120 watts total for workstation and scanner, operates on 12V battery with sine-wave inverter
  • Durable field case provided for storage of the scanner and cable. Optional cases for computer system available